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Welcome to the Wichita Falls Business and Professional Women's Club! We have many exciting events planned for the the coming year, so please visit our club at one of bi-monthly meetings. BPW offers numerous opportunities for women to network with current leaders and learn to become leaders themselves.


President's Message:

Dear Members of Wichita Falls Business and Professional Women's Club,

"Thank you, thank you, thank you." That is all I can say to the honor you have given me to be your President for this year. I am really excited about leading our group and all of the exciting events we will have this year.

Congratulations to the other officers that you have chosen to lead us: Sheryl Moses, President-Elect; Brenda Wehmeier, 1st Vice-President; Edwina Wight, 2nd Vice-President; Meredith Kennedy Lee, Recording Secretary; Doris Lackey, Corresponding Secretary; Cheryl Cogdell, Treasurer; and Keri Orsak, Parliamentarian.

At the State BPW level our new BPW/Texas President Shari Macioch has chosen the red shoe has the symbol for this year. I love the image of the bold, confident woman stepping into the future. You’ll be seeing and hearing a lot more around this theme in the future.

I am looking forward to a great time this year as we get to know one another better and work toward our personal and club goals. With your help and support, I know this will be an GREAT year for our club!

Together, let’s “Step Into the Future with BPW!”

Sandra Sims
2008-2009 President




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